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OPTIC™ data

OPTIC™ – Optimised Performance Through Individual Competence. OPTIC™ data is gathered from your people with our intuitive Complete Competence software. The software is available to buy as a corporate subscription, for single, joint or framework projects.

The following levels of reporting are included:

  • Level 1 Executive Board

  • Level 2 Regional/Business unit

  • Level 3 Manager

  • Level 4 End User

complete competence optic data

How will OPTIC™ Data help?

These powerful reports illustrate critical data, metrics and insights at the click of a button which will:

  • Flag major competency risks in your business
  • Inform strategic business decision making to ensure you are fit for the future
  • Help to shape your people strategy
  • Manage and inspire individual and team performance
complete competence critical risks

Manage risks to your construction business

Complete Competence software generates powerful OPTIC™ data reports which enable quick, informed decisions when assembling the right people for project teams.

Instantly identifying and flagging major competency risks to your business and key projects before they even happen!

complete competence regions and business units

Maximise your investment in talent

Complete Competence software facilitates clear development plans which identify skills gaps and inform recruitment assessment benchmarking, helping to improve overall company performance.

complete competence job roles

Demonstrate tangible competencies improvement

Complete Competence software generates powerful OPTIC™ data reports which create a demonstrable and measurable benchmark to drive year on year competencies improvements.

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