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Harness the full
power of your people with Complete Competence

Complete Competence software harnesses powerful OPTIC data that will drive exceptional performance, shape future careers and mitigate significant business risks.

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Complete Competence

Complete experts in construction

Our pioneering competencies based software solution comes prepopulated with construction job families data.

This in-depth knowledge of construction job roles has been built over many years of working with major construction companies.

We’ve put the hard hours in, so you don’t have to.

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What is OPTIC™ data and how can it help?

These powerful reports will illustrate critical data, metrics and insights at the click of a button which will:

  • Flag major competency risks in your business

  • Inform strategic business decision making so you are fit for the future

  • Help to shape your people strategy

  • Manage and inspire individual and team performance

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Stay ahead of the competition

Complete Competence software generates powerful OPTIC data reports which equip your company to manage future legislative driven change and mitigate future risk of litigation.

The software prepares organisations for compliance with the requirements of BSI Flex 8670 and the configuration to capture individuals:

  • Skills

  • Knowledge

  • Experience

  • Behavioural Competence

…and additionally meets the requirements to:

  • Check and capture evidence

  • Undertake validation and revalidation

  • Maintain and develop over time

Can you afford to be left behind?

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Powerful functionality

  • Manage risks to your construction business

  • Maximise your investment in talent

  • Demonstrate tangible competencies improvement

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Reasons to use Complete Competence

Drive business and individual performance2021-05-29T08:44:30+00:00

with intuitive competencies based software and powerful OPTIC™ data and reports.

Assemble competent project teams2021-05-29T08:44:59+00:00

Make quick, informed decisions with Complete Competence.

Experts in software for the construction industry2021-05-29T08:45:28+00:00

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you, construction job families come pre installed and ready to go.

Stay ahead of the competition2021-05-29T08:45:57+00:00

Access OPTIC™ data reports to help make critical business decisions and flag major competency risks, before they happen!

Maximise your recruitment investment2021-05-29T08:46:28+00:00

Ensure you are receiving good value returns on recruitment spend

Ensure seamless integration with existing systems2021-05-29T08:46:59+00:00

Years of experience ensures we can have you up, running and ready to go within 72 hours!

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