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Complete Competence software harnesses powerful OPTIC data that will drive exceptional performance, shape future careers and mitigate significant business risks.

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Complete Competence Software benefits

Drive business and individual performance2021-05-29T08:44:30+00:00

with intuitive competencies based software and powerful OPTIC™ data and reports.

Assemble competent project teams2021-05-29T08:44:59+00:00

Make quick, informed decisions with Complete Competence.

Experts in software for the construction industry2021-05-29T08:45:28+00:00

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you, construction job families come pre installed and ready to go.

Stay ahead of the competition2021-05-29T08:45:57+00:00

Access OPTIC™ data reports to help make critical business decisions and flag major competency risks, before they happen!

Maximise your recruitment investment2021-05-29T08:46:28+00:00

Ensure you are receiving good value returns on recruitment spend

Ensure seamless integration with existing systems2021-05-29T08:46:59+00:00

Years of experience ensures we can have you up, running and ready to go within 72 hours!

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Complete Competence User benefits

Cost effective solution to significant business challenges2021-05-29T08:21:43+00:00

Low risk investment to address high risk business challenges

Built by construction and software industry experts2021-05-29T08:22:06+00:00

Intuitive and focused specifically on the needs of the construction industry

First in the market to offer all the major construction job families (4 levels of competency) as a total solution2021-05-29T08:22:32+00:00

Saving years of time consuming job role competency mapping and system integration

Includes future legislative driven updates to competencies as part of the subscription fee2021-05-29T08:22:59+00:00

Straightforward, monthly inclusive cost with no unexpected price increases for enforced legislative changes

Easily integrates with any existing IT systems2021-05-29T08:23:22+00:00

Fast and seamless system integration with low impact on internal IT teams

Year 1 Early adopter pricing package

24 Month

Fully inclusive software and up to 9 construction job families

Set up from £6,750

From £3,750 per month

36 Month

Fully inclusive software and up to 9 construction job families

Set up FOC

From £3,500 per month

One off Fee – POA

Subject to the size and scale of your project requirements. Please talk to us for further information.

Simple pricing with… Complete Competence

Complete Competence Software
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does OPTIC stand for?2021-05-28T17:20:55+00:00

OPTIC stands for Optimised Performance Through Individual Competence and is the term used for data collected by Complete Competence software to generate OPTIC reports.

Will this software work with my existing IT systems?2021-05-28T17:21:28+00:00

Complete Competence software is fast and easy to seamlessly integrate with any existing IT system.

How much time will this take an individual to fill out?2021-05-28T17:21:55+00:00

Once the software is set up the easy to use interface ensures it should only take an individual 2 hours per year to input their information.

Are there any unforeseen costs I should be aware of?2021-05-28T17:22:28+00:00

The straightforward, monthly inclusive cost Includes future legislative driven updates as part of the subscription fee

How many reports are included in the price?2021-05-28T17:22:54+00:00

OPTIC™ data is gathered from your people with our intuitive Complete Competence software. The following levels of reporting are included in the subscription price – Level 1 Executive Board / Level 2 Regional/Business unit / Level 3 Manager / Level 4 End User

How many construction job families are included in the cost?2021-05-28T17:23:19+00:00

The inclusive pricing model is the first in the market to offer up to 9 construction job families at 4 levels of competency as a total solution, this saves years of time-consuming job role competency mapping.

Can I sign up for longer than 36 months?2021-05-28T17:23:44+00:00

Standard subscription periods of 24 and 36 months are offered at the published rates, please speak to us to agree longer-term packages and budget efficiencies.

How quickly can I get started?2021-05-28T17:24:08+00:00

From order completion a standard subscription package can be installed and ready to go in as little as 72 hours!

Can I buy the software for single projects?2021-06-03T11:15:31+00:00

Yes, the software can be purchased to suit your company or project needs as a corporate subscription, for single, joint or framework projects. Please speak to us for further information and pricing.

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